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RFID Based Facebook Applications

Special kiosks will be placed at EON pavilion where user can show RFID card and the kiosk will give an option to click a photo of user After clicking of photograph, software will place user photo merged in EON INDIA ON Campaign image along with user's name Integrated image will be projected in large displays at EON pavilion For FB users, images would be placed on user's wall. For Non FB users, images will be uploaded on pre defined album of Hyundai India Page.

Like counter overview

When a FB or Non FB registered visitor shows RFID card/tag on like pillars placed in front of each car, a counter is increased in the database. Application keeps the count of total likes (on all counters) and displays it on the large display.

There is also a plan to put such counter display on the Hyundai India Facebook Fan Page. During the expo Hyundai fan page will open by default on this counter and then user can move to other sections.