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Areas of Expertise

Integrated System: Central Control

Parking Flow

Step-1 Vehicle Enters Mall

Entry Guide display shows available parking slots

Step-2 Entry of vehicle at Parking level

Entry Kiosk: Option of Ticket / QR (App) / RFID reader
� Gate Automation system
� Vehicle Image Capture

Step-3 Displays on each level

Indicate the number of available slots for ease of parking search and movement.

Step-4 Exit of vehicle from the mall

� Collection Booth
� Gate Automation system
� App based payments
� RFID Exit control
� Vehicle Image Capture

Step-5 Transaction Completed

Vehicle Exits the Mall Transaction Completed

Boom Safety

There are 2 safety devices against to prevent boom from crashing onto vehicles:

Car Movement Between Levels

The parking level display monitoring using loop sensor, when car move level-1 to level-2. The display board change according to loop sensor output. When car entered level-1 to level-2 the every display board change according to the current status. Parking Level-1 display board decrease and Parking Level-2 increase.

Car Parking Space Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensors register the availability of every single parking space and process the information with a controller/central PC. The car park occupancy data are visualised and indicated on LED displays installed on every car park level and at the main entrance. With this system customers are guided to the nearest available parking space. A benefit that doesn�t only save the car drivers valuable time but also reduces the traffic produced by endless searching. Moreover, the optimised parking utilisation decreases ventilation costs. The detection and counting of in- and outbound vehicles in indoor parking garages with MSR-Traffic systems can be realised for whole areas and single levels.

System Components

Car Parking App

Control Room


Additional Requirements