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Vehicle Tracking System

Join the Vehicle Tracking Management family and take your driving career to the next
level with our innovative Vehicle Tracking App. Download the app today and experience
the future of cab driving.


Our Vehicle Tracking App offers a comprehensive suite of features to support and enhance your driving experience:

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Navigate with confidence using our integrated map that provides real-time tracking and turn-by-turn directions.

Call Masking

Protect your privacy with our call masking feature, allowing you to contact clients without sharing your personal number.

OTP Verification

Ensure secure client pickups with our easy-to-use OTP verification system.

Vehicle Management

Manage your vehicle details and documents directly from the app for hassle-free compliance and maintenance

Trip Histor

View a history of completed trips, including route details and client feedback.

Driver Attendance

Keep track of your attendance records and shifts.


Our application keeps you informed with timely notifications to ensure smooth operations
and exceptional service. Here are some of the notifications generated by our app:

Registration OTP

An OTP (One-Time Password) is sent to complete the registration process for new users.

Thank You and Registration OTP

A welcome message along with an OTP is sent to new users to thank them for choosing the service and to complete their registration.

Cab Pickup Notification

Details about the assigned cab, driver, pickup time, and location are sent to the client before the scheduled trip.

Cab Drop Off Notification

Information about the drop-off details, including cab and driver details, is sent to the client at the end of their trip.

Weekend Pickup Notification

Details about the weekend cab service, including cab and driver details, and the fixed pickup time are sent to the client.

SOS Request Notification

A notification is sent to acknowledge receipt of an SOS request, along with a response code and contact details for further assistance.

With these features and notifications, the Vehicle tracking System ensures that drivers are well-equipped to provide
top-notch service, maintain efficient operations, and stay connected with both clients and the company.